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"The Ink of a Poet: Writing & The Art of Transforming the Wretched as Sacred" with Antonio López

"The Ink of a Poet: Writing & The Art of Transforming the Wretched as Sacred" with Antonio López

Watch Duke Alumni as they talk to the personal, intellectual, academic, and spiritual trajectory through life, Duke, and graduate school. Born and raised in the East Palo Alto, CA Antonio López received his B.A. in Global Cultural Studies and African & African-American studies from Duke University. He's received scholarships to attend the Community of Writers at Squaw Valley, the Home School, Tin House Summer Workshop, the Key West Literary Seminar, and the Vermont Studio Center. He is a proud member of the Macondo Writers Workshop, a CantoMundo Fellow, and a 2019 Adroit Summer Mentor. His nonfiction has been featured or is forthcoming in PEN/America, The Latino Book Review, and Insider Higher Education, and his poetry in BOAAT, Hayden's Ferry Review, Adroit Journal, Puerto del Sol, Huizache, Tin House and elsewhere. He was runner up for the inaugural Palette Poetry Spotlight Award of 2019 and the recipient of the 2019 Katherine Bakeless Nelson Award in Poetry for the 2019 Bread Loaf Writers' Conference. He received his Masters in Fine Arts (poetry) at Rutgers-Newark. As a 2018 Marshall Scholar, he received a Masters in Philosophy in Modern Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Oxford, where he was also poetry editor of the Oxford Review of Books. This event is sponsored by the Duke Islamic Studies Center, Duke University Middle East Studies Center, The Department of African and African American Studies at Duke, The Center for Muslim Life at Duke, Juhood Magazine, and The Focus Program at Duke.


Mar 30, 2021

The Almanac

Guest opinion: As we march into the orange tier, let's ensure that Black and Brown residents are not left behind

It is in this spirit that I remind readers and elected officials alike that the people of East Palo Alto, Belle Haven and North Fair Oaks do not just deserve more vaccines, but are entitled to them.

Oct 7, 2014

The Chronicle

For my place at the table

Across your back are written their restless dreams. You must understand that your success is premised on removal and your acceptance on alien-nation.Therein lies the barrio experience, the inner-city that is, for better or worse, your roots.


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